About us

NCITY helps you build and support your IT infrastructure depending on your needs, at a cost that suits your budget. By nature, we prefer all the things open source but we also understand that this isn't possible for all businesses. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is gaining a place in a range of organisations and we are here to help you migrate away if you wish to and we are equally prepared to assist those who cannot or wish to do so.
It is absolutely difficult to manage time to do all the tasks needed in office. Thankfully with NCITY, you need not bother worrying about your day to day IT needs. Let us do all your IT workloads while you carry out your day job. We can help you with any IT maintenance task making sure everything is up to date and running. If you are unsure what your IT systems is doing or IT handled by "that person who left last week", you should call us for an IT health check and give us opportunity to help you. Please message us with your requirements for a detailed quote today for more information about prices. We promise to deliver you services at very low cost per hour. We feel satisfied in making everyone a winner- you get services offered at a low cost, whilst we can do what we love.

NCITY offers its clients a choice of IT supports:
  • Ad hoc support
  • Contract Support

  • Contract Support
    For your peace of mind, we have created the contract support to solve your range of problems. Please feel free to email us your requirements and we will be pleased to contact you with detailed quotation. All other maintenance and support hours will be calculated and charged on a monthly basis. We aim to provide contract support on yearly basis followed by monthly rolling payment

    Ad hoc Support
    It is also possible to purchase support on an ad hoc basis at our full hourly support rate, but there is a fix charge for on-site visit which will be applied for 4 hours and additional hours will be calculated at an hourly basis.

    By proactively managing your network you will get:
  • Early detection and resolution of problems
  • Improved security
  • Increased reliability
  • And Finally, Peace of mind

    At NCITY, we provide basic IT systems advice to our clients through email, please contact us here. (This will take up to 24 hours)
    Please call us in case of urgency.(This service will exclude more detailed or involved consultancy work).